Dipladenia Care – 1 × 1 for vigorous growth and luxuriant flowering

The Dipladenia or Mandevilla is actually quite easy to maintain. Nevertheless, there is a lot to be taken care of during the casting and fertilizing, so that it does not come to decay or pest infestation.

Dipladenia varieties © hcast – Fotolia.com

The care of the exotic plants with their magnificent flowers is less complicated than might be suspected. The diversity of species is no problem here, Dipladenia are all quite undemanding perennial. Once the casting is forgotten, the plant Continue reading “Dipladenia Care – 1 × 1 for vigorous growth and luxuriant flowering”

Cyprus Grass: Detecting and Fighting Diseases and Pests

Although cypress grass is not demanding, it needs some care for proper growth. Those who are not careful here are risking the infestation of pests.

Cyprus Grass: Detecting and Fighting Diseases and Pests © Yakov – Fotolia.com

Cyprus grass (Cyperus) is quite robust and even in our latitudes, the tropical plant can be cultivated well, but preferably as a houseplant. The plants need a lot of moisture and a light and warm location. There are hardly any diseases with the water palm.

However, the Cyprus grass can Continue reading “Cyprus Grass: Detecting and Fighting Diseases and Pests”

Hibernate Clematis – How to do it

If you have a clematis in your garden for the first year, you often do not know how it will be wintered. Here is a short guide to it.

Clematis Clematis

The question of how to hibernate a clematis can not be clearly answered. From the popular climbing plant, there are finally a variety of varieties, of which only a few are really hardy. So you should take a look at the label at the time of purchase to make sure that the desired specimen can spend the winter outdoors.

Continue reading “Hibernate Clematis – How to do it”

Coloring thistle – planting, cultivating and propagating

The safflower in the home garden impresses with its filigree, orange flowers. We will explain how to grow and maintain this plant.

Flowering stinging thistle Staining thistle infatuates with its yellow-orange flower. As a cut flower her inflorescence is very popular among florists and flower lovers | © tpsdave – Pixabay.com

The safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), like the sunflower, is prized by gardeners for its bright petals. By the way: both plants have a lot in common. From their seeds, Continue reading “Coloring thistle – planting, cultivating and propagating”

Cucumbers: Detecting and Fighting Diseases

Anyone who grows cucumbers must expect that diseases and pests can spread from time to time. Find out how to recognize and combat them here.

Detecting and controlling cucumber diseases The bottle of mildew attacks mainly cucumbers

Cucumbers are originally from subtropical regions, so they need a lot of heat in our gardens. If the summer turns out cool, then the plants can be quite susceptible to various diseases.

That’s why many hobby gardeners prefer to grow them in the warmer greenhouse. (Reading Continue reading “Cucumbers: Detecting and Fighting Diseases”

Stendelwurz “Sabine” – Cultivating, nurturing and wintering

Orchids are rarely found in the garden. And that, although there are so many beautiful and easy-care varieties. For example the Stendelwurz “Sabine”.

Stendelroot Sabine © moonlightchen – Fotolia.com

Orchids at the window are not uncommon. Orchids in the garden, however, can not be found everywhere. Maybe it’s because the species usually prefer different site conditions. Here, insecurity quickly spreads. In addition, some are rather sensitive and require the hobby gardener from Continue reading “Stendelwurz “Sabine” – Cultivating, nurturing and wintering”

Klivie: Recognizing and treating care errors and pests

Klivien are beautiful plants that are unfortunately only a little maintenance-intensive. For one thing, you can, for example, Pests and other malpractices.

© leonidp - Fotolia.com / The Klivie is very caring © leonidp – Fotolia.com / The Klivie is very intensive care

The exotic Klivie belongs with its dark green leaves and the bright bloom umbels to the most popular indoor plants. It is insensitive to diseases. What at first glance looks like a plant disease is mostly just the result of wrong care. Some pests, Continue reading “Klivie: Recognizing and treating care errors and pests”

Planting Tarragon: Site, Planting and Planting Tips

Those who want to plant tarragon in the garden should follow our simple, step-by-step guide to a rich harvest of aromatic herbs nothing more in the way.

© fotolesnik - Fotolia.com / Tarragon must not be missing in any kitchen © fotolesnik – Fotolia.com / Tarragon must not be in any Kitchen is missing

There is probably nothing more beautiful than fruits and vegetables from our own garden. But also herbs from the own cultivation are a fine thing. If you would like to grow tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) this year, you should buy the Continue reading “Planting Tarragon: Site, Planting and Planting Tips”

Flower colors and their meaning – We clarify

Do you have a garden? If so, then you surely know the flower colors and their meaning? No? Well, let’s get that over here quickly.

Say it Say it “through the flower”

The color variety of the flowers in our garden beds is inexhaustible and that is why people have assigned different meanings to flower colors for many centuries. But next to the red rose, which is a symbol of love, few people know that almost all flower colors have a meaning. And we would like to bring Continue reading “Flower colors and their meaning – We clarify”

Increase coral shrub – Seeds and cuttings make it easy

The coral shrub is an extremely popular houseplant due to its beauty. The great thing: he can be easily reproduced. This works with seeds and cuttings.

You can harvest the seeds yourself You can harvest the seeds yourself The coral shrub beautifies every sunny one with its magnificent red flowers Garden. The exotic container plant also works well on the terrace. However, make more out of your extraordinary shrub and remove seeds or cuttings for propagation.

If you do not have your own coral Continue reading “Increase coral shrub – Seeds and cuttings make it easy”