Currant varieties: The 45 best red, white & black varieties (overview)

Unsure which redcurrant should find room in your garden? Do not worry, because we have collected the 45 best red currant varieties for you.

White, black, red currants on a plate

Currants are differentiated according to the color of their fruits [Photo: marcin jucha /]

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Liberty Apple Liberty

The multi-resistant Liberty apple variety is originally from New York, USA (1978) and bears crisp, medium-sized fruits, which are marbled at full maturity appealing violet red.


Apple Jamba

The German apple variety Jamba is a summer apple whose fruits can be harvested from the end of August. The greenish skin turns reddish on the sunny side.

Alan Apple

Apple Almond Apple Apple Almond Apple Apple Almond Apple

The Alantapfel ( Syn: Princess apple, Princesse Noble) is an old German apple variety from the 16th century. The small to medium-sized fruits are ideal as a dessert apple and captivate by a vinous, predominantly sweet aroma with a fine scent.

Baldwin apple Baldwin apple

Baldwin apple variety (Syn: Woodpecker, Red Pepping, Red Baldwin) is originally from Massachusetts, USA (1740) and bears bright red fruits. The good shelf life and its pleasant sweet-sour taste makes Baldwin a popular table and business apple.

Prince Bismarck

Apple Prince Bismarck

The apple variety Prince Bismarck has its origins in Tasmania (1870) and bears small, attractively golden yellow fruits that are fully ripe are intensely reddened. The apples are juicy, with a sweet-sour aroma and spread a renettenartige spice in the mouth.