Frost damage to the hemp palm – first aid and other measures

Hemp palms can tolerate temperatures down to minus 20 degrees. Prerequisite is a careful winter protection. Nevertheless, it can cause frost damage to the plant.

Frost damage to the hemp palm - first aid and other measures Mulch protects hemp palms from the winter Freezing There is nothing worse for a gardener than if his beloved plants do not survive the winter. Although hemp palm trees with the right protection are quite winter proof, it can happen that the leaves freeze in cold winter or even the heart of the palm is damaged.

Often the damage looks worse than it actually is. In most cases, the palm is still to save.

Detecting and Treating Possible Frost Damage

Frozen Leaves on the Hemp Palm

Moisture in combination with cold causes more to the hemp palm than low temperatures alone. Especially the leaf fronds freeze quickly. Already -10 ° Celsius enough, so that the leaves get frost damage. Visually you recognize this at the so-called “glazings”, these are dark spots on the leaves. Frozen leaves turn completely brown and die, but the palm is not lost.

As long as moisture does not penetrate the palm heart, the plant recovers well in the spring. Still existing green leaves contribute to the regeneration through photosynthesis. Leave the frozen leaves in place for the time being and cut off the palm fronds only in spring. With rising temperatures the palm forms new shoots.

Hemp palms in the tub should spend the winter in a cool and dry room. If this is not possible, provide appropriate winter protection.

»Important: Avoid permanent relocation – either the palm stays well packed outside, or it spends the winter months completely indoors. Out – pure, depending on the outside temperature, is the worst choice.

Damaged Palm Heart

Outdoor hemp palms are in danger during long cold spells with deep ground frost. Here a decent winter protection is particularly important. The heart of the palm not only suffers from the cold, but there is a risk of fungal infections when the hemp palm is exposed to the interaction of cold and wet. Chemistry only helps with fungal infections, but with the disadvantage that chemical fungicides generally weaken the resilience of the hemp palm.

In addition, moisture under winter protection leads to the formation of rot, which permanently damages the palm heart. Often you can not prevent the complete extinction of a fungus or rot affected hemp palm – this only helps if you pack the next copy better.

Prevent frost damage

Wrapping up before the hemp palm suffers is the best protection against frost and winter damage. Around the root cover the soil with a layer of bark mulch and, if possible, manure. Protect the trunk with straw, jute packaging or bubble wrap.

»Caution: Cut holes in the film to allow the moisture to evaporate. Above the trunk, stuff the interstices between the branches with straw to protect the heart of the hemp palm. The leaf crown is tied together and wrapped in a warm but air-permeable packaging.