Garden plan – why you should create one!

Creating a garden plan makes sense. Why I’m using a garden plan and what 3D garden planner software I work with can be found here.

A gardening plan helps to determine the plants A gardening plan helps First of all, I was laughed at in my family for sitting down at the computer, designing a floor plan of our garden and drawing in the plants and flowers we planted. For which I would need such a garden plan, I was asked. You’d see what’s growing where.

Well, you might see it when it’s summer, when it’s in full bloom. But what about spring? In a 200 square meter garden, who can remember all the plants that were ever planted? No human! And that’s exactly why such a garden plan is a useful thing.

Garden plan provides an overview

But not only to be able to determine the plants at any time, but also so as not to accidentally pluck them out , Because that is a danger that should not be underestimated. Especially in spring, when the flowers stick their heads out of the ground, they can easily be confused with weeds. Anyone who has a garden plan has fewer problems here.

Last but not least, a garden plan also helps to put the plants in the right places. Whether sun, partial shade or shadow, in the plan you can always see where there is still a place for something new bought. Already handy, is not it?

3D Garden Planner
3D Garden Planner
I created it with the 3D Garden Planner “The Big House & Garden package “. This software is really awesome easy to use and still has a lot of features. The plant database in 3D is great as well. First of all, you get to know all the plants that thrive in the garden.