Watering and fertilizing the thorn of Christ – How to do it right

The Christ thorn does not need much care, but you should pay special attention to watering and fertilizing. Mistakes can lead to the death of the plant.

Watering and fertilizing the thorn of Christ © unverdorbenjr – Fotolia.com

The Christ’s thorn (Euphorbia milii) is a very easy-care plant that inspires us over many years on the flower window with healthy growth and lush flowering. Although the care measures are generally limited to allow the plant to grow healthily, watering and fertilising are probably Continue reading “Watering and fertilizing the thorn of Christ – How to do it right”

Creating your own crocus lawn in the garden

Lights are perfect for crocuses Lights are perfect for crocuses

Take a look at the picture to the right. This is a crocus meadow in spring! You can also create this crocus meadow in your own garden and thus create a real eye-catcher. Our article will tell you how to do it.

Lights are perfect for crocuses
The top condition for a perennial and beautiful crocus meadow is a rather bleak lawn with crocuses in the fall become. The English ornamental grass in well-fertilized and cultivated form Continue reading “Creating your own crocus lawn in the garden”

Planting Wisteria – tips for a sea of ​​blossoms

Wisteria has beautiful and impressive flowers. But only if the location is chosen correctly. Read how to find the right place and what to pay attention to.

Planting Wisteria - Tips for a Sea of ​​Bloom

The wisteria, also known as wisteria or wisteria, captivates in the summer with its flowing abundance of purple-blue flowers. It does take a few years until the first flowering. But if the place is well chosen, on which the climbing plant should take root, then it will not wait too long for their Continue reading “Planting Wisteria – tips for a sea of ​​blossoms”

Dwarf pine – Plants, grooming and cutting

Anyone who thinks that pines grow only many meters high is wrong. There are also much smaller species. Like, for example, the dwarf pine (Pinus pumila).

Dwarf pine © paradoxu – Fotolia.com

The dwarf among the pine trees has just got it on one and rarely up to three feet in height. The creeping jaw does not have to hide in any way, the small pine is extremely attractive and finally an alternative to the impressive forest tree even for smaller gardens. Especially in the cold Continue reading “Dwarf pine – Plants, grooming and cutting”

Treating Interfaces to Trees Correctly

Check the Wound Regularly Check the Wound Regularly

In principle, you should cut trees as little as possible. If it has to be every now and then, then a lot should be considered.

  • Should be cut, if at all, in the summer. At this time, the tree is so strong that it can close the wound itself.
  • Cuts should always be straight and clean. That means the interface should not fray. This has the simple reason that disease germs can not penetrate a smooth interface as easily as if it were uneven.
  • Continue reading “Treating Interfaces to Trees Correctly”

    Care and Planting of Dahlias

    Dahlias are very sensitive to frost. That’s why you have to wait for the right time to plant. Afterwards a few care measures are necessary, so that the dahlia flourishes splendidly.

    Dahlias care and planting time

    Dahlias gives to buy it in a variety of colors and flower shapes. So there is always a variety that fits in your garden. Whether you have a Japanese or French garden or a cottage garden. The best thing about this plant is that it not only has that certain something, but is Continue reading “Care and Planting of Dahlias”

    Share dahlias – It’s so easy

    © Stephan Sühling – Fotolia.com You can divide the tubers You can divide the tubers

    Since the tubers of dahlias always with time grow larger, it is advisable that you divide the tubers of dahlias.

    Simply divide tubers
    Dahlias can be easily propagated by dividing the tubers. However, this has the disadvantage that the plant is not as big as it was before and not blooming so lush. Although the plant grows larger in the course of time, you have to cut Continue reading “Share dahlias – It’s so easy”

    Making potato chips yourself – presenting 3 preparation options

    They should be crispy and spicy – the potato chips. Instead of the bag, you can make potato chips yourself quickly and easily. We’ll tell you three different ways to prepare.

    Make potato chips yourself Homemade potato chips are much healthier

    Granted, the chips from the bag are especially delicious. But once you’ve started, you can not stop that fast. A vicious circle. Not only do they contain a lot of fat from the bag, they also often contain artificial aromas, a lot of salt and other Continue reading “Making potato chips yourself – presenting 3 preparation options”

    Planting and Maintaining Diptam (Burning Bush)

    The Diptam is a rarity in the home garden. He places special demands on the location and soil. You can find planting and care tips here.

    Flowers from the Diptam The Diptam convinces with its attractive appearance in every garden © Nicolette Wollentin – Fotolia.com

    Hand on heart, who is not taken with the magic of wild plants on the edge of the field or the edge of the forest? And who would not have such an exclusive plant in his own garden? It’s easy to dig it out and put it into practice, Continue reading “Planting and Maintaining Diptam (Burning Bush)”

    Buy awning for the garden – 3 tips

    When the sun shines, life often takes place in the garden. However, too much sun is not good, so an awning in the garden should not be missing.

    Currently very popular: the awning Currently very popular: the awning

    The awning certainly counts for today The most popular shading options in the garden, because it can be used flexibly in virtually any garden. It does not matter if it is a permanently installed, flexible or rollable awning. You can use them not only as a shade dispenser in indoor and Continue reading “Buy awning for the garden – 3 tips”