To increase the number of flat peas – it’s so easy

Flat peas are popular climbing plants with a decisive advantage: you can harvest and enjoy your plant parts. Here’s how you can multiply the plant for a rich harvest.

Increase Platter - How To © farba2014 –

Platterbse is a climbing plant that has been used for a very long time and is used to grow peas for consumption, processing and feeding. Whether as an accompaniment to various dishes, for refinement or as the basis for many dishes or even further processing such as for Continue reading “To increase the number of flat peas – it’s so easy”

De-ponding the garden pond – instructions and tips for sludge reduction

Well, where are the fish going? If the water is so cloudy that it can no longer be seen, it is high time to deslag the garden pond. Here is a guide.

Garden pond drained in spring Garden pond drained in spring

What falls into the garden pond all year round and Seeping on the ground is very remarkable. Algae, dead plant parts, fish excrement and leftovers that sink to the ground do the rest. No wonder that over time, this also forms a thick, slimy layer of mud that also clouds the pond water. Continue reading “De-ponding the garden pond – instructions and tips for sludge reduction”

Planting cherry laurel – explained step by step

Do not like the current location of your cherry laurel? Then just plant it. But watch out because there is a lot to keep in mind.

Cherry orchard hedge Cherry orchard hedge

With the garden, it is mostly like the Apartment: at some point just a fresh breeze. To change something in the apartment is, of course, done quickly. To change something in the garden is a bit more difficult. Finally, older plants that are unfavorable must be transplanted here.

Some grow well and others Continue reading “Planting cherry laurel – explained step by step”

Planting Shiverweed – This is how field and container planting succeeds

Not only shrubs and shrubs are part of a garden, but also grasses. Like for example the shivering grass. Learn how it is planted properly.

Planting Shiverweed © askaflight –

Shivergrass (Briza) is a welcome guest in the garden bed, because when the stalks of the sweet grass start to tremble in the wind, this is a very pretty sight. The bed appears thereby animated and relaxed. However, you first have to plant the shiver grass correctly. What you should pay attention Continue reading “Planting Shiverweed – This is how field and container planting succeeds”

Hibernate Bougainvillea: tips for potted and outdoor plants

The colorful bougainvillea, or even triplet flower, must be brought to the house or a frost-free place in winter.

Overwintering Bougainvillea © reichertfoto – In summer, the triplet flower makes your eyes light up. On the balcony or terrace, the lush flowerbeds provide admiration. In the shadow of this flower-loving exotic, holiday mood comes on. But unfortunately, no summer lasts forever and it is time in late summer to think about the wintering of the bougainvillea. The original Continue reading “Hibernate Bougainvillea: tips for potted and outdoor plants”

Using Paper Knobs as Dried Flower – How to do it

The Paper Knob is a small delicate plant that is excellent as a dried flower. So that nothing goes wrong in the process, especially the time of pruning is important.

Use paper knobs as dried flowers © KHBlack –

The paper button is not only an attractive summer flower, we can also preserve the memory of the flowering summer beyond. The daisy family not only cuts a fine figure in the vase as a cut flower, but is also one of the most popular dried flowers. Below you will learn when Continue reading “Using Paper Knobs as Dried Flower – How to do it”

Tips for all flower bulbs

Protect flower bulbs from rodents Protect flower bulbs from rodents

Flower bulbs create the foundation for a sea of ​​flowers in spring. So that the bulbs can drift without problems in the spring and do not freeze, here are various tips that can be applied to all flower bulbs .

  • Already at purchase Make sure that the onions are dry, firm and smooth-skinned.
  • Especially the big onions have also stored many nutrients. The thicker the onion, the sooner and more Continue reading “Tips for all flower bulbs”
  • Fertilize walnut – that’s what counts

    Walnut trees are relatively undemanding, especially when it comes to fertilization. However, you can provide it with natural nutrients once a year.

    Fertilize walnut - that's what counts Compost is the best fertilizer for walnut trees Basically The walnut tree does not need much to thrive and develop fruit over time. But this only applies if the site already has enough nutrients and the walnut tree lacks little.

    You should still pay attention to low maintenance, such as fertilization. We’ll tell Continue reading “Fertilize walnut – that’s what counts”

    When onion flowers disappear – 2 causes

    Where are the flower bulbs going? Where are the flower bulbs going?

    A true hobby gardener knows exactly where which bulbous flowers are planted in the garden. But what if bulb flowers disappear?

    Onion flowers may disappear over time
    In spring, we all look forward to it when the first spring messengers lift their heads from the ground and delight us with their beauty. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are the flowers that make us want spring. Or maybe you’ve been through certain types of food Continue reading “When onion flowers disappear – 2 causes”

    Scarifying – When do you need to scour?

    For your lawn to grow succulent green and grow thickly, it needs to be scarred regularly. That’s actually not difficult if you pay attention to a few things.

    Without scarifying, the lawn will matt over time. The reason for this are Moravia residues, which remain on the green area. Also foothills of other plants, as well as roots, provide for an ever denser felt layer on the lawn. Nutrients are deprived and also air and water can not penetrate to the roots. Moss and Continue reading “Scarifying – When do you need to scour?”