Freezing Spinach – Introducing 2 Possibilities

If you’ve been able to harvest tons of spinach, you do not have to spoil it. Finally, you can easily freeze spinach.

Spinach Freezing Possibilities Tips Raw spinach must be dry

Spinach in your own garden is something fine. Above all, you can even harvest it several times a year. (Reading tip: harvest spinach twice)

But what if the green crop drives out so that the harvest gets out of hand? Then it either means give away to neighbors, relatives and acquaintances or freeze the spinach.

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A sparkling stone for every garden

A sparkling stone for every garden If you want water in the garden, then many people put on a pond. Big or small, a water hole is a great thing. But not everyone has room for their own pond. Here you can make do with a soda stone. A beautiful idea that not only looks good, but also finds space everywhere and still pleasantly ripples in front of you – soothing and a great eye-catcher.

And this is how it works:

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  • Planting groundcover and covering bare areas

    Groundcover planting bare areas Cranesbill – A popular ground cover

    There are places in every garden that are either not especially handsome because they may lie in the shade and do not grow very much there – this is often the case under trees, or because a lot of weeds sprout on open areas. To avoid this, you can plant ground cover .

    Groundcovering grows where nothing else grows
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    Maintaining and painting a wooden privacy fence – how it works!

    For your wooden privacy fence to last, it needs regular care. What you have to do and how often depends on the selected type of wood.

    Maintaining and painting a wooden privacy fence - how it works!

    There you sit comfortably with coffee and cake in the garden and suddenly the neighbor calls unmistakably over how many pieces you have already plastered. No one needs so much curiosity and is one of the reasons why terrace owners opt for a privacy fence. But also as a windscreen are the chic elements, which are in most Continue reading “Maintaining and painting a wooden privacy fence – how it works!”

    Planting Feather Lilies – How To Plant Fruits Correctly

    Feathery lilies belong to the undemanding plants and enchant with a magnificent flower picture. With the right location, everyone can refresh themselves at the sea of ​​flowers.

    Planting Feather Lilies - How To Plant Plants Correctly Feathery Lilacs Also Grow Splendidly In Rocky GardensThe Dianthus plumarius, more commonly known as plumage, is a perennial plant and it drives a beautiful flower image that reminds of a pillow. The flowering period extends from early April to July and even in the winter months, the plant Continue reading “Planting Feather Lilies – How To Plant Fruits Correctly”

    Maintain catnip – what to look out for!

    Catnip is pretty undemanding. Differences in care arise depending on which variety you have in your garden.

    Catnip care © fotokate –

    Catnip ( Nepeta) is a beautiful and easy-care plant, which not only pleases the eye of the hobby gardener. As the name suggests, even cats are extremely fond of the labiates, which occur in great variety and robust and easy-care are also suitable as a beginner plant.

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    Building a raised bed of gabions – explained step by step

    For many, gardening is more than just a hobby. Unfortunately, gardening is also on the back. Remedy can create because raised beds. Currently in trend: Gabion raised beds.

    Greater beds made of gabions are in vogue Greater beds made of gabions are very much in vogue

    Who? Garden owns, which usually also grows fruit, vegetables and herbs. What used to be just to keep fresh food in the house has become a real passion for many today. While some moan and grumble, when they have to fix the garden, the others Continue reading “Building a raised bed of gabions – explained step by step”

    Winter oleander – How to do it

    Oleander is a beautiful plant that gives us great pleasure in the summer. So that she blooms well next year, here’s our tip as Oleander should hibernate.

    The Oleander is not hardy The Oleander is not hardy

    The oleander is not hardy
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    Freezing aubergines – How to do it properly

    Eat eggplants all year round? This works out! Finally, you can freeze the vegetables. But be careful: there is a lot to consider.

    Aubergines can be frozen raw and prepared Aubergines can be frozen raw and prepared

    How Zucchini and tomatoes also include aubergines, which have high season in summer and are rarely on the menu during the rest of the year. A pity, right? Finally, eggplants taste really tasty. Keyword Eggplant lasagna and Co. Those who do not want to dry the eggplant extra to enjoy it in the Continue reading “Freezing aubergines – How to do it properly”

    Potato Diseases – Detecting and Fighting

    Potatoes are actually quite robust plants. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to various diseases and parasites.

    Potato Diseases - Recognizing and Fighting Many hobby gardeners who want something Have space in their garden, grow potatoes. These also taste much better from their own garden than from the supermarket next door.

    Anyone who grows their own vegetables, however, must expect that various diseases and parasites can spread.

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