Fame Crown: Detecting and Fighting Diseases and Pests

The Fame Crown is a pretty sturdy plant that even forgives care mistakes. However, it can quickly lead to deficiencies in the case of incorrect care.

Diseases and Pests in the Glory Crown © RukiMedia – Fotolia.com

The natural Distribution area of ​​the glory crown (Gloriosa superba) is located in Southeast Asia and the tropical regions of Africa. In Kenya, Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa or Tanzania, the plant is found in the wild. The climber can reach heights of growth of up to two meters. In our Continue reading “Fame Crown: Detecting and Fighting Diseases and Pests”

Sand Gull, Vancouver Gold ‘- Planting, Grooming and Propagating

Dry, barren sites do not need to remain unplanted. For example, the gorse ‘Vancouver Gold’ feels very well there. It is also easy to clean.

Greater Vancouver Gold © gpisano71 – Fotolia.com

Ginster (Genista) was not a farmer in past centuries – or monastery gardens are indispensable. Today, however, the plants have made comparatively rare and have as a garden shrub rather of secondary importance. The broom, with its approximately 50 species, is considered to be easy to care for, undemanding Continue reading “Sand Gull, Vancouver Gold ‘- Planting, Grooming and Propagating”

Construction costs for the garden: budget these expenditures for building a house

The planning for the house building is in full swing. Every little detail is included in the financing. But many forget their garden and the complete outdoor facilities.

Building costs Garden preparing soil Before the mother earth gets into the bed, the soil must be 10-20 cm to be dug

A dream house looks only half as nice if the outdoor area looks wild and neglected. If you decide to build a house, you should start thinking about gardening. Fences, paving stones, carports, hedges, trees, etc. – Continue reading “Construction costs for the garden: budget these expenditures for building a house”

Sunflower – sowing and care

Sowing should be done by mid-April Sowing should be done by mid-April

The sunflower is a Korbblütengewächs and especially in the summer like seen in the gardens. The plant can reach a height of up to three meters and has a very special flower, which can be seen from afar. It does not bear its name for nothing, thanks to the yellow little leaves.

A sunflower can be planted over the small pips of the plant in autumn. The kernels are also a good bird food for the winter. On a nutrient-rich Continue reading “Sunflower – sowing and care”

Planting Perennials – Here’s how it’s done

Every hobby gardener desires a flowering perennial plant bed with healthy plants. But it does not have to be a wish. With a bit of skill, you can get a flowerbed through smoothly.

Perennials Plant Tips The columbine is particularly suitable for planting in the fall

perennials planting is not really witchcraft. Nevertheless, there are a few important points to note. These relate to the time of planting, the right plants and the care of the perennials. After all, they need a bit of Continue reading “Planting Perennials – Here’s how it’s done”

Coriander pesto Recipe: Not only in Asian cuisine a pleasure

Pesto Genovese know most of them. But did you know that you can also make a delicious pesto from coriander? It is simple and gives many dishes the last whistle.

Coriander pesto Recipe: A treat not only in Asian cuisine Korander pesto goes well with fish Pesto is first and foremost the classic Pesto Genovese with basil and pine nuts. But pesto can also be put together quite differently, for example with coriander.

This ancient spice has long been one of the herbs that was mostly known only in Asian dishes and rarely Continue reading “Coriander pesto Recipe: Not only in Asian cuisine a pleasure”

Keeping a checkerboard flower in a pot – You should pay attention

If you plant chessboard flowers in the tub, the plants can serve as eye-catchers on the balcony and terrace. Best of all, the care of the plants is also very easy.

Holding a checkerboard flower in a pot © Eileen Kumpf – Fotolia.com

Die Chessboard flower (Fritillaria meleagris) is a loner, so say after group plantings with other early bloomers it does not make sense. You can do it by placing the bulbs not in the bed, but in planters or pots. The checkerboard flower can also make friends with this cultivation, Continue reading “Keeping a checkerboard flower in a pot – You should pay attention”

Maintaining Strelitzia – Important Care Instructions for Sumptuous Plants

If you own a Strelitzia, you surely want the Bird of Paradise to live up to its name. However, this only succeeds if you care for the plant sufficiently.

Strelitzia like it warm Strelitzia like it warmStrelitzia is one of the more elaborate plants and definitely requires effort , For example, it is important in the care of Strelitzia that the framework conditions are right. Otherwise, problems quickly arise, ranging from small or absent flowers to pest infestation.

For example, Continue reading “Maintaining Strelitzia – Important Care Instructions for Sumptuous Plants”

Making plants colder-resistant – how it works

Use high-potassium fertilizers Use high-potassium fertilizers

To make you fit for the winter, then you should begin in the fall to give them fertilizer with a high potassium content.

Potassium and its effects
The reason is quite simple: potassium accumulates in the vacuoles and increases the salt content of the cell’s juices. The increased salt concentration makes the plant less susceptible to frost. The freezing point is lowered. But that’s not all. At the same time, the juice pressure Continue reading “Making plants colder-resistant – how it works”

Maintain Fan Palm: Water, Fertilize and Cut Correctly

If fan palms are properly cared for, they can become quite large. If not, they tend to stay small. For this reason, always pay attention to the following points:

Fan palms also have to be cut Fan palms also have to be cut The fan palm is one of the more undemanding plants that require very little care. Watering, fertilizing, cutting every now and then and removing brown leaves is enough to make the palm tree thrive. Provided you do it all right. Nursing mistakes are otherwise quickly noticeable Continue reading “Maintain Fan Palm: Water, Fertilize and Cut Correctly”