Pour plants with bread drink – Our application tip

Pour plants with bread drink? Surely you will now ask yourself what it is supposed to do. Then take good care of yourself, because we’ll explain what that means.

Bread drink strengthens plants Bread drink strengthens plants

Meanwhile, it has been Several laboratory studies have proven that bread drink (here more about it) treated plants are much more resistant to pests and show a much stronger growth. Even in the organic sector, with the help of bread drink even a nearly identical result is achieved, as in conventionally run nurseries.

The success of the bread drink in plants can be clearly attributed to the therein contained Bread Lactic Acid Bacteria healthy bacterial flora in the garden soil. As you can see, you can use the so-called bread drink to strengthen your plants and protect them from pests. Therefore, even large packaging units of bread drink are often offered as a plant tonic at fairly low prices in the specialized trade. Here is our application tip.

Our application tip:

Bread drink is always diluted with water for garden use, whereby you should produce a casting ratio of 500 milliliters of bread drink to 10 liters of water. With this mixing ratio, you can generally treat all plants preventively. When cultivating vegetables, cultivating lettuce and cultivating fruit, you will soon see significant benefits from this measure.

In the case of a slight pest infestation on the plants, you should reduce the mixing ratio by about 50 percent and mix the affected plant directly with the plant Treat mixture.


It is not advisable to sprinkle the young or freshly sprouting plants in the spring and to pour the unused vegetable soil in autumn. That does not get the plants.