Sunflower – sowing and care

Sowing should be done by mid-April Sowing should be done by mid-April

The sunflower is a Korbblütengewächs and especially in the summer like seen in the gardens. The plant can reach a height of up to three meters and has a very special flower, which can be seen from afar. It does not bear its name for nothing, thanks to the yellow little leaves.

A sunflower can be planted over the small pips of the plant in autumn. The kernels are also a good bird food for the winter. On a nutrient-rich humus soil, the plant feels most comfortable. It also pulls many poisons from the soil, which often sows them for cleaning.

Water regularly and fertilize
The sunflower is a very thirsty plant that they should be watered regularly and should also be fertilized at regular intervals.

Sowing until mid-April
Sowing has to take place until mid-April and after only one week you can get out of Seeds already recognize a small plant.